Meet Frank

photo (2)

Frank is a falcon.  He’s not any ordinary falcon, he is the mascot of Fabyan Elementary School in Geneva, IL.  He loves to hang out in the gym with Mr. Graham, the PE teacher, and participate in all kinds of fun, physical activities during PE class.  Each week, a different student gets to take Frank home and do all kinds of fun and creative things with him.  Frank loves fitness, so he can usually be found doing something active to stay healthy.

Students who get to take Frank home must be a member of the winning class for having the most positive behavior points in Physical Education that month.  Four students are randomly selected each month from the winning class.  Each student gets to take Frank home for a week,

During their week, they must do some activities with Frank, take a photo or draw a picture with Frank, and then write about their experiences together.  This blog follows the students of Fabyan Elementary School along with Frank the Fitness Falcon on their journeys both near and far.  Check back each week or subscribe to this blog for updates on their adventures.


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