Frank and Andrew Spend the Week Together

Andrew from 5L was the last student to take home Frank for the month of October.  Here’s a re-cap of his week with Frank…

Frank and I headed to play practice and he tried to help me practice my lines, but of course all he could manage to say was “Squawk!” He also checked out part of the set, hoping he would find some bird-related things.

Andrew play     Andrew stage

When we were heading out of rehearsal, Frank just HAD to get a gumball. Except he just couldn’t choose one, and we had to wait.

Andrew gumball

Hannah (my dog) just met Frank. Hannah licked Frank and he was so disgusted that he squawked something that sounded like “This means war!” and they have been raging war on each other ever since.

Andrew dog

On Halloween, Frank stayed home from trick-or-treating (because of the cold). Though when I got home from my sister’s basketball game, I found him sticking his beak in my candy! Apparently he had found it on the ground and “tried to lift the bag back to where it was”.

Andrew Halloween     Andrew candy

Frank just met another one of my family’s pets named Franklin (he’s a turtle). Franklin just spent the last hour explaining to Frank that his name doesn’t come from Frank’s name, it comes from a television character that’s a turtle named Franklin.

Andrew turtle

Frank and I had a great time together. It was fun spending having him spend a week at my house.


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