Frank & Griffin Share Some Good Times

Frank & Griffin had a spectacular week together!  Just listen to all the fun stuff they did over the week!

Today is Frank’s first day at my house.  After giving him a tour I had to leave for school.  At 2:30 when I got back, we decided to go shopping for Halloween costumes.  Frank got jealous and tried to wear my costume because they didn’t have any clothes his size.  After that, it was around 4:30 so we had some pizza for dinner.  After that he and I watched a movie, “Captain America:  The Winter Soldier” – me and Frank really liked it, but then we had to go to bed.

When I got home from school the next day, Frank and I decided to start washing and polishing the sea shells from my trip.  We got some really nice ones like those small curling ones.  Then we decided to play some video games.  We played Halo for like 2 hours or something.  By then it was about 4 and we were starving so we ate some dinner.  We had hot dogs.  Frank ate his without the bun though.  Then we decided to go upstairs and just watch some TV until bed..

Tomorrow is the last day I’ll get to have Frank!  The week went by too fast!  When I got home from school, we played games like Monopoly and Life.  Frank is a really good player at Monopoly.  He was the banker.  He like owned one whole row on the board.  He is and forever will be known as the master.  He had a wrestling match between himself and my cat.  Frank won.  By then it was dinner time so we had some leftover pizza from Monday.  It was really good.  I had cheese and Frank had sausage.  Then we headed upstairs to go to bed but first we had to take showers.  After that we went to bed.

This is Frank’s last day here at my house.  Since this is our last day, we had to make this day count.  In the morning Frank and I had some muffins and milk, but Frank (as expected) had to blow bubbles in his chocolate milk.  Ok, I have to admit that I also was part of the milk bubble blowing contest.  Then I had to leave for school.  Around 3:30 I had to put a restraining order between Frank and the fish tank.  Jeez, I don’t understand what is going on with this bird!  At least he didn’t snatch a fishy from its tank.  For dinner we had some macaroni & cheese.  For once this was a totally normal meal with nothing weird happening to us.  After that, we had to go to sleep, but we stayed up reading and talking about this and that.  Too bad we have to take him back in the morning.  I hope I can see Frank again soon!



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