Frank Visits Portillo’s & Dairy Queen

Third grader, Toby packed a full week of activities in with Frank.  Check out his story!

Toby DQ

Toby portillos

These are some of the things I did and places I went with Frank.  I took him to many places like karate, baseball, Portillo’s, the dentist and my cousin’s house.  We also played chess, video games and watched TV.  Frank was the pitcher at my baseball game.  He stuck them out and got a grand slam!  He also got his beak cleaned at the dentist.  Frank beat me at chess and video games.  He also got a hamburger at Portillo’s.

Toby baseball

This is Frank and me playing chess.  He beat me with his queen and king!

Toby chess 2Toby chess 1

This is Frank and me at my cousin’s first communion.  Her name is Abbey.

Toby communion

This is me and Frank at the dentist.  He got his beak cleaned.

Toby dentist

He also beat me at video games!

Toby video games


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