Frank Doesn’t Fear the Cold

Bring on the slopes!

Bring on the slopes!

No polar vortex is going to keep Frank and the students at Fabyan indoors!  Last week Jack, in Ms. Croy’s 5th grade class, got to take Frank home and spend the week doing some activities.  Here’s a look at their adventures together.

First thing Frank did when he got to Jack’s house was hop on his snowboard.  Jack had to teach Frank how to do it, but Frank picked it up pretty fast.

Wanna play a little 1 on 1?

Wanna play a little 1 on 1?

The outdoor activities continued as Frank challenged Jack to a pickup game of basketball out in the driveway.

Slam Dunk!!!

Slam Dunk!!!

We won’t say who won, but Frank definitely had the height advantage (since he can fly) and made several dunks against Jack.

Right at home...

Right at home…

Frank flew up into a nearby tree and climbed around for a while.  I think he was looking for a good spot to make a nest.  It looks like Jack & Frank both had a fun week playing outside in the cold.  I can’t wait to see what Frank is up to next…


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