Frank Raises the “Barr”

Our first student winner from January’s Class Dojo Contest was Kate from Ms. Croy’s 5th grade class.  She got to take Frank home for the week and here’s the story of their adventure toghether:



Kate - viola


The first day that I took Frank home I had my viola and he wanted to see it.  I let him sit on the fingerboard.  I tried playing it with him on there but it didn’t sound so good.  I think Frank enjoyed his fun time experiencing a string instrument up close.  Frank was on the start to a great adventure.

Common Core is for the birds...

Common Core is for the birds…

That night Frank helped me do my common core math homework.  He had insisted that he knew fractions.  I wasn’t so sure about that.  All I was sure about was that Frank knew at least how to spell his name.  If you look close you can actually see Frank in the top left corner of the paper.  Thanks for all the help, Frank!

I should've flown south for the winter...

I should’ve flown south for the winter…

On Wednesday night, Frank and I helped shovel the driveway.  Frank doesn’t like the cold.  After the picture was taken, Frank and my twin sister Cari bolted inside.  I however had to stay outside to shovel.  I think Frank looks like a pirate’s parrot up on my shoulder.



The last night that Frank was here, Frank and I danced to some music.  This is a picture of Frank dancing.  Frank is a great dancer!  Cari and I found that out when we started playing the music.  In the picture Frank is slightly tilted to one side.  I think he was trying to break dance.  It is okay not to know, but not okay not to try, right?  I guess Frank didn’t want to be one of those birds that doesn’t know and doesn’t try.

Frank and I had a wonderful week.  I wish I could keep him forever!


One thought on “Frank Raises the “Barr”

  1. It sounds like Frank had as great a time as you did!! Although you can’t keep Frank you can keep your fond memories in your mind and ❤️

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