Franks Spends the Week with Nate

This week we had second grader, Nate, in Mrs. Freeman’s class, take home Frank.  They had a blast together.  Here’s Nate to tell you all about it!

Right after school Frank flew out of my back pack and landed right on the kitchen table.  My mom was not very happy.  He also left his “mark” on the table.   I was very confused and my mom got more mad since  Frank left his “mess“ on her kitchen table.

Frank & NateFrank on table


I decided to play basketball with Frank against my brothers.  I figured that we would have an advantage since he can fly and all.  He can help me dunk the ball and beat my brothers.  Frank was pretty good and we did beat them with Frank’s excellent dunking skills.

Frank basketball


I figured since Frank was so good at basketball I would let him play mini hockey in my basement against my brothers.  Frank helped me play goalie and he was outstanding.  He blocked everything that was over my head.  It was so good to have help from him.  He would stay in the goal while I went out to shoot.   SCORE !!! We won !!

Frank hockey


One last adventure before Frank had to leave.  We played ping pong together and he was so good.  He flew all over the place hitting the ball back.  Of course we won that game too !!

Frank ping pong


One thought on “Franks Spends the Week with Nate

  1. I think it’s great that Frank gets to show off his P E skills!! Each week he gets a chance to try different activities. I bet Frank is very happy we’re each created with unique talents…or he would get bored quickly if he had to do the same things over and over again! Thanks for sharing 😍

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