Peyton’s Time with Frank

Check out 2nd grader – Peyton’s adventures with Frank last week!

On Friday, January 10, 2014, Frank came home and I showed him how to play the game Prom Salon on my iPod.  He wanted to play Angry Birds instead, but I don’t have that game.  We also listened to some songs – I think his favorite song was “Let it Go” from Frozen since he played it a bunch of times.


Later on Friday I took Frank to my acting class.  He got to go on stage and perform.  His acting skills were very good.  I think he might have a future in acting.  Maybe he will be an action hero?

acting class

Finally on Friday we went to bed and I introduced Frank to some of my toys.  He got to snuggle and talk to them.  He hung out mostly with Woody, Buzz, and Jessie.


On Saturday, January 11, I took Frank sledding on a big hill and raced downhill with him.  I think Frank was really cold because I know I was cold.  He fell a few times, but after a while he got the hang of it.  It was hard to get him to leave because he was having so much fun.


Later on Saturday Frank got to hang out with Santa.  Santa had a special present for him.  He got a scarf.  Santa told him that he had just gotten back from the North Pole, but wanted to make sure that Frank got his gift since he was on the Nice List.


Finally, we went to the movies to watch Frozen (my second time, his first time seeing it).  We had a great time and he loved to eat popcorn.  Olaf from the movie was very funny and Frank and I laughed a lot.  Frank said that Frozen was his favorite movie of all time.



One thought on “Peyton’s Time with Frank

  1. I think Frank is a very blessed bird!! He goes on so many adventures each week. He tries new foods and has memorable times with your students. Keep up the great work everyone. I enjoy reading about Frank’s escapades. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all 😍

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